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Stars & Stripes Place Buffet Cards

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We love these for Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations!

Just because it is casual doesn't mean you should skip the details.  

Add a few stars and stripes for extra measure and extra decor with The Punctilious Mr. P's 'Stars & Stripes' buffet tags and place card sets are available too.

Carolyn has brought all the details to you at home that she used for her many special events she has planned over the years.

 Add buffet tags and placecards to your celebration and entertain like a pro!

Our buffet tags include all the items you need for a classic BBQ

Burgers & Hot dogs
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
BBQ Chicken
Corn Salad
Grilled Salmon
BBQ Ribs
Sweet N Sour Coleslaw
Potato Salad
Pecan Pie
Chocolate Cake
...and blanks for you to add your own specialties
  • 16 cards to a pack
  • 5 image set (8 flags, 2 large stripes, 2 small stripes, 2 large stars, 2 small stars)
  • Size: 3.4" x 2.1"